About Us

The Elder Care Manager Certification body is the national organization to oversee and credential individuals in Elder Care Management practice. Certified Elder Care Managers (CECM™) meet strict standards that are based on evidenced based criteria. A job analysis of tasks and practice of Elder Care Managers determined the exam items and necessary minimum qualifications established to practice as a CECM. Certification determines that the elder care manager possesses the education, skills, knowledge, and experience required to render appropriate services delivered according to sound evidence based principles of practice.

In addition, we require a background screening and background check. We expect Certified Elder Care Managers (CECM) to follow ethical standards and share the values of our collective body.

Our primary purpose is:

  • To protect the elderly clients we serve.
  • Provide quality care management services.
  • Base services on best pathway and evidence based practice
  • Practice with high ethical standards.

Our voluntary board includes experts from the field of Medicine, Law, Nursing, Social Services, Financial Planning and Human Services.

Kitty Watson, BS, MPA
Executive Director



2119 Plum Grove Rd. #110

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008